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There’s nothing more important, at the end of a long hard day, than a quick setup, a cold drink, a good meal and a great nights sleep. For just this reason we’ve spent years engineering the patented* Adventure Offroad Camper Trailers & TrayTops , so you can fully enjoy your travels, no matter where you go.    
[*Design patent no.704771]

The Adventure Camper is Unique among Camper Trailers as it has:
   1)  A Bigger, Lower Bed than any other offroad camper trailer.
   2)  More waist level storage than any other offroad camper trailer.
   3)  A Bigger, Quicker to Setup Kitchen than any other off road camper trailer .
   4)  Flexible Setup Options, from 15 seconds to 15 minutes
   5)  Boat rack that stays in place for any setup option.
   6)  Self Standing Awning over the kitchen.
   7)  Real Offroad Construction & Capability.

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